DUNLOP GREENGATE - 150 years experience in fabric coating

Product Range

Capable of coating polyether polyurethane, polyester polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, EVA, Hytrel on substrates including woven and non-woven polyamide, polyester, glass, cotton, leather, polypropylene etc. Supplying the safety, defence, industrial, civil engineering and leisure markets.

Our range of thermoplastic coated fabrics include:

  • Polyurethane on polyamide
  • Polyurethane on polyester
  • Polyurethane on needle punched felt
  • Polyethylene on needle punched felt
  • Polypropylene on needle punched felt
  • Polypropylene on scrim textiles

Our coated fabrics are used to manufacture finished articles such as:-

  • Life Raft and liferaft canopies
  • Marine Escape Slides
  • Aircraft Escape Slides
  • Sewer Linings
  • Single Ply Roofing
  • Primary and Secondary Seals for fuel tanks
  • Helicopter and Aircraft Covers
  • Survival Suits
  • Survival bags in Mine Escape Systems
  • Oil Booms for spillage containment
  • Inflatable buildings
  • Carpet Backing

Sewer Lining

Victorian sewer systems are of such an age that many of them are in need of repair. Impregnated liner systems were developed to avoid the expense and disruption of closing the road and digging down to the sewer.

An integral and essential part of this sewer linking system is the coating of the liner. This has to withstand the rigours of Impregnation and inversion process, be resistant to the impregnating chemicals and to stand up to all a sewer can throw at it! Dunlop Greengate are able to apply a coating of polyurethane, polyethylene or polypropylene. Other coatings can be developed in conjunction with the customer for this application, in order to meet the ever evolving requirements of this system.

The strength member of the sewer  lining system is a polyester needle-punched felt of a specified weight and thickness. This is supplied by AMR Textiles, a sister company to Dunlop Greengate.

The sewer lining can be supplied up to 2000mm wide depending upon the diameter of the sewer being re-lined.

We are also able to supply ancillary material for the manufacture of linings such as sealing tape for polyurethane liners.

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