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Product Range - Inflatables

In any inflatable product the strength is obtained from the fabric. The strength of the fabric and ultimately the performance of the finished product is determined by the choice of yarn and the design of the weave.
The coating applied to the fabric protects from damage and makes the resultant coated fabric impermeable, allowing it to be used for inflatable products such as:-

  • Life Raft Buoyancy Tubes
  • Life Raft Canopy Supports
  • Life raft floors
  • Marine Emergency Escape Systems
  • Aircraft Escape Slides
  • Naval Decoy Support Systems
  • Life Jackets
  • AIr Wedges
  • Emergency Shelters

The majority of products manufactured by Dunlop Greengate for use in inflatable products is coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. The structure of thermoplastic polyurethane is such that a wide variety of fabrication techniques can be used including RF welding, hot air welding, hot knife welding and gluing; or combinations of these.

The polyurethane is chosen because it provides a tough abrasion resistant barrier which has excellent low temperature performance and it does not support fungal growth. The polyurethane coating is available in its clear natural state or pigmented, either to our standard range our customised to meet you requirements.



The combination of strength, at a relatively low weight, together with other properties, make Dunlop Greengate coated fabrics excellent for the manufacture and use as life rafts. These include from life rafts for the marine shipping market and the fishing and leisure industries. Their use ranges from escape systems designed for mass evacuation of ferries to the smaller yachting life rafts.

No matter its size the liferaft has to cope with the same inhospitable conditions at sea once launched, but our material has a proven record.

Rafts manufactured from Dunlop Greengate coated fabrics have seen many years
service, since their introduction in the mid 1970s.

Single and double sided coated fabrics manufactured by Dunlop Greengate, have been independently tested and approved to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, as amended, (1) for use as buoyancy tubes, inflatable supports for canopies and floors of inflatable life rafts.

Aircraft Escape Slides

The deployment of an aircraft escape slide needs two inflatable tubes either side of the slide. The high strength of Dunlop Greengate coated fabric at a relatively low weight makes this the ideal material to choose.

Naval Decoy Support Systems

The solution to the world's navies' increased vulnerability from missile attack was a multi faceted defence system including RF countermeasure systems. These needed a robust lightweight material which would enable the support system to inflate in seconds. Dunlop Greengate coated fabric was chosen as the ideal material to satisfy all the needs of this application.

Life Jackets

Dunlop Greengate have a range of coated fabrics designed for use as life jackets, or life vests. These lightweight coated fabrics usually have a clear coating onto a dyed high visibility fabric.

Air Wedges

A simple solution to fixing window frames into houses led to the development of a world famous, branded air wedge. This product, manufactured from Dunlop Greengate coated fabric, is used as an aid during the initial installation of windows, eliminating the need to use wooden or plastic wedges. Once the window has been secured the bag is deflated, removed ready for its next use.

Emergency Shelters

Lightweight emergency shelters needed a suitably lightweight and strong material for the support tubes. Dunlop Greengate coated fabric proved to be the ideal solution.

1 These Regulations are: SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulations III/4
IMO Resolution MSC.81 (70), Part 1, Section 5.17.13 Schedule 4, Parts 1 and 2 of the Merchant
Shipping (Life-Saving Appliances) Regulations 1999 Annex 1 of Volume 2, Survey of Life-Saving Appliances

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